Ontario Hunting Lodges and Outfitters

It might be the flash of a fleeing whitetailed deer, the whir of an airborne grouse, or the hulking silhouette of a bull moose that stirs the hunter’s heart within you. Or it might be a strutting wild turkey or the V-formation of honking Canada geese. Whatever it is that touches the hunter in you, chances are good that you can find it with Ontario hunting outfitters. Its vast and diverse wild places, with a variety and abundance of game, speak directly to the soul of the hunter.

An Ontario hunt can take you from the rich agricultural lands of the south to the Hudson and James Bays’ tidal flats. From the subtle yellows and greens of the northern boreal forest, to the hardwoods of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region ablaze with fall’s reds, yellows, and oranges, and from fertile marshes to the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield, Ontario’s terrestrial mosaic is the foundation for a satisfying hunt. This guide provides the information you need to plan your hunt in Ontario, where scenic beauty and bountiful wildlife turn hunting dreams into cherished memories. The quarry From the fertile south to the windswept sub- Arctic, Ontario’s diverse climate and terrain are reflected in a rich variety of game.

Waterfowl are hunted from James Bay down to the vast marshes and migratory staging areas of the southern lakes and the rich corn and grain fields of the rural countryside. A carefully controlled selective harvest system ensures a healthy population of moose, dispersed across a wide swath of northern Ontario’s boreal forest. Bulls, which can top 1,000 pounds (450 kg), offer heart-stopping excitement. Hundreds of thousands of white-tailed deer range from the province’s southern border to the northwest beyond Lake Superior. Hunt fat farmland bucks or the big-racked deer of our eastern and northwestern woodlands. A fall season for black bear allows you to target a trophy bruin from the largest population in North America. Combine your bear hunt with a quest for moose or deer, or as a challenge on its own. Swing a smoothbore on upland gamebirds virtually anywhere in the province. Grouse, woodcock, and snipe are widespread throughout Ontario, while pheasant are available in the far south and ptarmigan range the northern tundra.

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